Project Summary

Torch Cay is a privately owned 707-acre island situated to the east of Little Exuma at the southernmost point of the Exuma Island chain. It rests approximately 165 miles southeast of New Providence and 19 miles east-southeast of Georgetown, Great Exuma. The island is bounded to the north by the Exuma Sound and to the south by the Great Bahama Bank.

The proposed development by PMR Bahamas is a mixed-use luxury resort and residential development complete with an 18-hole golf course, 81-slip marina and channel, 224 residential lots, marina village, and runway. Amenities will include the creation of new beaches and expansion/improvement of existing beaches, overwater bungalows, agricultural and husbandry areas (Farms), equestrian facilities, golf clubhouse, spa and sports pavilion, and natural areas.
Back-of-house (BOH) operations will provide solid waste management, electricity, potable water, and sewerage facilities. Guests and visitors will arrive at designated and secure locations.

Public Notice

The Public is advised that the Environmental Impact Assessment for Torch Cay (Hog Cay), Exuma has been filed by PMR Bahamas to the Department of Environmental Planning and Protection (DEPP). Torch Cay is a private island development featuring private residences and a resort with associated amenities.

The Public Meeting was held on August 24, 2022.
please see the Public Consultation Report.

View the meeting here

The EIA can be reviewed below or in person at the Department of Environmental Planning & Protection (DEPP) located at Charlotte House and the Island Administrator’s Office in Georgetown, Exuma. The public can send written comments to or

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Legal Disclaimer

This website is not intended to be nor shall be construed as an offer to sell or a solicitation of offers to buy any property on Torch Cay (whether prohibited by law or otherwise).  The improvements, offerings, structures, materials, infrastructure, recreational features, and amenities (other than the airstrip) described and depicted herein (the “anticipated elements”) are based upon current development plans, which development plans may be incomplete, and are subject to change without notice (and without any requirement to supplement the prior information provided) and are subject to receipt of all required governmental permits and approvals therefor. There are no guarantees or representations that any anticipated elements will be provided or, if provided, will be of the same type, size, location, or nature as depicted or described herein.  Any potential purchaser’s eligibility for purchase of any offering at the project will depend upon its state or country of residency and/or whether prior registration is required.  The documents are intended to be for general reference and informational purposes only (and are not intended to offer specific tax, investment, or legal advice of any kind).  PMR Bahamas Realty Ltd. (“PMR”) assumes no responsibility for errors or omissions in the content of the documents (and makes no commitment to update such information).  The sole and exclusive remedy for issues relating to the use of, or the material on, the documents shall be to discontinue using the information or material obtained, and PMR shall not be liable for any damages relating to any use of, or reliance upon, the documents or any content therein.